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Mariana Drucker Z. is a contemporary artist, born in Mexico and based in Hamburg, Germany. A medical doctor by profession, she began painting abstract acrylic on canvas 10 years ago as a hobby. Little by little it became more, so that now she is fully dedicated to painting.

Her  works are abstract, usually minimalistic, acrylic on canvas. Self- taught, self- learning painter, painting is a challenge for her. Inspired by fashion (believing that art and fashion have a very strong connection) and by the intense and fascinating colors of her home country, all that and the amount of creativity stored inside of her has made her create unexpected pieces.

She loves working on various pieces at the same time, which has made her  love and create a lot of diptychs and triptychs. Her goal  to inspire, and to make this world a little more beautiful, quoting a phrase that she loves.

“Art should comfort  the disturbed and disturb the comfortable“  -Banksy

„For inquiries, questions, commissions please contact me.“.

Please note that a 20% charge will be made on all commission artworks. Free Shipping in EU, oversized Artworks WILL have a shipping cost.
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